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Import Export Code

To import in India or export outside India, you will require a  key business identification number, which named an “Importer Exporter Code (IEC)”. While the majority of the goods are freely importable, the Exim Policy of India prohibits import of certain categories of products as well as conditional import of certain items. In such a situation it becomes important for the importer to have an import license issued by the issuing authorities of the Government of India.
Import Export Code is required by anyone who wish to have International transactions or trade. This covers Freelancers, individuals, companies, firms, bonafide persons etc.
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When IE Code Required ?
  • When Exporter needs to send the shipments from the customs.

  • When an importer has to clear his shipments from the customs.

  • When an importer sends money abroad through banks.

  • When Exporter is supposed to receive money in foreign currency directly into his bank account.

  • When Bank transferred foreign currency receipts directly into Indian bank account.


​In Summary, To import or export in India, IEC Code is mandatory. No person or entity shall make any Import or Export without IEC Code Number, unless specifically exempted.

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ASK Commercial Solutions offers you for Import- Export Code registration


ASK Commercial Solutions provide Import-Export License to add value to customers by offering advice on appropriate goods clearing procedures and price the service competitively. Come and be a part of our family by gaining the experience through excellent service provided by us. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations.

IE Code is unique 10 digit code that a business or a person needs to import/export Goods/services. This code is issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India to Indian Companies.
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Documents required for IE Code Registration:

  • Name of Business Entity and Description of Business with main business activity.

  • Valid Digital Signatures Token (Class II or III) of Authorized Signatory.

  • Valid PAN of Individual’s or Firm’s or Company’s or Karta's or Trustee's; as applicable.

  • Valid Aadhar Card matching the details with PAN Card.

  • Valid Mobile Number and Email ID of Proprietor/ Partners/ Directors/ Karta/ Trustee; as applicable.

  • Valid Address Details of Branch Office, if any.

  • Valid Bank Account in the name of IEC Holder (Proprietor/ Firm/ Company/ HUF/ Trust/ Society).

  • Valid PAN & Aadhar card of all the Partners/ Directors/ Karta/ Trustee; as applicable.

  • Valid GST certificate of IEC Holder (Proprietor/ Firm/ Company/ HUF/ Trust/ Society).

  • Sale deed or Rental/Lease Agreement of business premise; as applicable.

  • Latest electricity /telephone bill of business premise.

  • Copy of Partnership Deed/ Certificate of incorporation/ Registration Certificate of the Society / Copy of the Trust Deed; as applicable.

  • All the documents be duly stamped and signed.

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ASK Commercial Solutions offers you for Import- Export Code registration


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  • IEC enable you to sell products outside India or import to India.

  • IE Code is issued for the lifetime of the entity and requires no renewal.

  • An exporter can get a refund of many taxes paid while exporting the goods.

  • IE Code does not require filing of any return and also no compliance requirement.

  • Taking your services or products to the international market will enlarge your businesses.

  • On the basis of IEC, companies or firms can benefits and subsidies their exports/ imports from DGFT, Customs and export promotion council.

  • Government even waives some import duties and make policy of exporting the goods with nil taxes.

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Violation in Import License

Any violation in the import license is usually scanned by the custom officials of the custom department. Customer inspector and other custom officials have authority to inspect and evaluate the goods to be imported. It’s a part of their job to determine whether imports conform to the description in the import License or not. Custom official even has right to charge fines and penalties if any violation in the import license is found to be done by the importer.

RCMC Registration

Persons having import-export code can apply for and obtain RCMC registration. A Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a certificate issued by the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) and/or one of the various Export Promotion Councils (EPC) or Commodity Boards – primarily agencies and organizations that work towards the promotion and development of export businesses and are authorized to do so by the Government of India.
 The certificate is issued for five years by the Export Promotional Councils or commodity board in India. This is a type of membership certificate.
As an exporter, you have to apply for an RCMC certificate if you are:
  • Seeking authorization to export (or import) any restricted item.
  • Planning to claim various benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.
  • Looking for benefits offered by the Customs and Central excise authorities.
Note that-
an RCMC is applicable even when you plan to export two or more products that fall under different categories and hence different EPCs.

How can ASK Commercial Solutions help you:

Our services includes:
  • Drafting the Documents as required for the IEC registration.

  • We prepare online forms and file for IEC registration on your behalf.

  • We constantly provide you with updates until the registration process is complete.

  • Once your IEC CODE registration is completed we will send IEC license to you by email.

  • To receive best service from our team, Contact us immediately.

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