Trademark/Patent/Copyright Registration

In today’s era, we know that the present market is unpredictable and it is uprightly driven by competition.  During the development period of any business, one has forgotten to protect their intellectual property and by the time they realize the importance of intellectual property, the same would have been grabbed by some other person. It is very important to protect the intellectual property rights of the business such as Trademark, Design, Copyright and Patent. Our firm is engaged in providing India Trademark Registration Services to save a trade or brand name from other facsimile brands. Please see our India Trade Mark classification page to know to which class your goods or services may belong to.

Requirements for Filing Application for Trademark Registration

  1. Power of Attorney on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- (We will prepare and send it to you for your signatures)

  2. Soft copy of your Trademark (Logo or Word) or Label or Device, preferably in JPG format, to be registered.

  3. Name, age, Father's name, address, nationality, contact numbers of the applicant.

  4. Name, age, Father's name, address, nationality, contact numbers of the authorized signatory (in case of a corporate).

  5. If the applicant is a partnership firm, Name, address, nationality, contact numbers of all the partners must be given.

  6. Description of goods or services and whether the mark is already in use or proposed to be used.

  7. Our service will be accessible to you immediately by filling all details in form “TM_Questionnaire” and sent to us.

Steps for Registration of a Trademark

  • Trademark Search

    • Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to conduct a trademark search before filing for a trademark registration application to ensure that there is not a prior existing mark similar to yours that could prevent your mark obtaining registration.​

  • Drafting and Filing of Trademark Registration Application

    • Once the relevant searches have been conducted with the results showing the mark is not similar or identical with any other existing mark, then a trademark application is filed. At this stage, it is necessary to define the goods and services for which trademark protection is sought. It should include even future uses of the mark.

  • Publication of the Mark in the Trademark Gazette (Trademark Journal)

    • Govt. will issue provisional no./ applied no. within one to two month. After that examination report, which takes time near about 6 (six) to 12 (twelve) month, from the applicable jurisdiction they required evidence like copies of bill book, advertisement expenses etc. If there are no objections from Trademarks Registry, or they are overcome, then a notice of acceptance will issue, eight to ten months. The acceptance and details of the mark will be published shortly thereafter in the Trademarks Journal, and once published, there is a 120 days period in which other parties can formally oppose the registration of the mark.

  • Registration

    • If there are no oppositions within 120 days from the date of advertisement in the Trademarks Journal, then a trademark registration certificate is issued.

Duration for Obtaining Registration Certificate

The duration for obtaining the registration certificate generally takes around 12 to 36 months. As long as the Trademark is pending for registration you can use the word TM (Trademark) with your applied brand. However, the symbol ® can be used only when the mark got registered.​​​

Validity of Trademark

Once registered a Trademark is valid all over India (if not applied for any particular location or locations) and it remains valid for 10 years thereafter it can be renewed for a further period of 10 years.