Corporate Management

From the very first day of inception of a company, it needs to be assisted with corporate management services as well as company law consultancy services. We offer such services according to relevant industry specifications, includes personalized services to offer maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our corporate management services include-

  • Getting director identification number (DIN).

  • Obtaining digital signature of directors.

  • Getting name approval of company from the registrar of companies.

  • Formation & registration of company (Pvt. Ltd./ Ltd.).

  • Compliance under Companies Act, 2013.

  • Formation of the company under section 25.

  • Filing of forms to ROC, prescribed by MCA from time to time.

  • Change the address of registered office from one place to other places with in-state / from one state to other states.

  • Liaison with the registrar of companies & regional directors.

  • Maintenance of statutory records prescribed under Companies Act, 2013.

LLP Management

The basic purpose of formation of an LLP under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, is to provide a new form of organisation with the twin objective of limiting the liability of partners and at the same time providing them absolute flexibility in the matter of running the business and regulating their relationship. The LLP is a body corporate and it must be registered with the registrar of companies similar to a company. It is required to name two individual persons as designated partners and at least one of them must be resident in India. We offer our services regarding LLP management includes –

  • Drafting of LLP agreement (pre-incorporation as well as post-incorporation).

  • Obtain designated partner identification number (DPIN).

  • Registration/ incorporation of LLP.

  • Filing of statutory returns/ forms to roc on behalf of clients.

  • Drafting and registration of compliance statement.

  • Advice on admission and retirement of partners.

  • Maintenance and filing of annual accounts.

  • Provide litigation facility of LLP business dispute in court.

  • Execute proceeding according to the law for winding up LLP.